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First Time in Chicago: Women’s Wisdom – Rebirthing Ourselves with Soul

Women’s Wisdom – Rebirthing Ourselves with Soul
Balance. Integration. Expression.
Taught by Women’s Empowerment Coach, Memoirist and Journey Doll Artist – Victoria Reeves

Creativity and courage enable us to re-define ourselves in our evolution as women. Our roles may include girlfriend, wife, mother, employee, entrepreneur or friend, but who are we aside from those we love? We are not our mothers or grandmothers; we are a new generation of women. Transformative changes spur a nascent need to integrate our experiences into an actualized life path. Women’s Empowerment Coach, Journey Doll Maker, Memoir Writer and Soul Searcher Victoria Reeves will inspire you to visualize your ideal life and plan the steps to bring that vision into reality. Finding the words and images is the beginning. Sign up for all/some of the sessions in this 4 part series:

Session 1: Lecture/Discussion/Handouts – Cultural Messages/Icons of Women * Written Exploration on Changing Identities, Archetypes, and Tapping into Ancestral Power * VISION QUEST interactive event (ALREADY FINISHED)

Session 2 JUNE 8: Lecture/Discussion/Handouts – Creativity as a Vehicle for Healing * DOLL MAKING WORKSHOP! -make a Journey Doll that integrates where you have been and where you are going. All supplies included. Feel free to bring a piece of fabric, button, or bead to add to your doll.

Session 3: JULY 13 Lecture/Discussion/Handouts – Imagining and Affirming Your Synthesized Life * Affirmations as a Vehicle for Actualization * VISION BOARD WORKSHOP – to guide and remind us about our paths

Session 4: AUGUST 10 Lecture/Discussion/Handouts – Forming a Plan of Action * Coaching and Master Mind Activities * OPEN MIKE PERFORMANCE: 5 minute share about your journey/goals/plan in the form of a rap, poem, description, or visual art form * Master Mind activities

$40 per session, by reservation and payable in advance by PayPal to vesltraining@yahoo.com. Call or text Victoria at 206-617-5677 for more information and for private coaching information.

Thoughts on AWP#14 Seattle

I attended the 14th Annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs  (AWP) Conference this past week in Seattle, and it was a  life-changing experience for me.    I took enough notes for fill an entire spiral notebook, and attended about 18 workshops/lectures over a 3 day period, along with navigating a crowd of 15,000 writers, editors, publishers and fellow book lovers.  I slowly networked in the massive bookfair, and met editors/representatives from Creative Non-Fiction, Bitch, The Sun, So to Speak, Phoebe, Boulevard Magazine and more.  I found out about VIDA, Hedgebrook, A Room of Her Own and other organizations that support women writers through workshops, lectures, retreats, fellowships and guidance.

I feel so supported in this journey of writing and publishing.  I feel I am part of this huge community now, and not just a woman sitting on her iPad in a Starbucks listening to The Caravan World Music Show on KBCS FM and trying to find her voice.  Even my Americano tastes better, and I can face down the blank page with courage and conviction that writing is a valid, serious,  and important way to spend yet another rainy Sunday afternoon.